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June 15, 2010

Live as a feminist

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I work for an organization i fell in love with when I learned about because what it does is transform. The collective act, the sense of feminism in mission and practice by the masses is to me something beautiful. its proof that we all promote the feminist ideal..sustainability through community, power in the individual thinking like part of a collective.

its practice carries with it power. power to transform is everything and we can do that my making choices. we can choose our actions with intent. we can give to an organization, we can volunteer, we can go for a walk for once and enjoy the magnanimous world we live in as the one we choose to be in, we can turn off the tv, we can kiss our baby, we can look at things as an observer and try to understand it with compassion, we can listen. seriously.

there is so much pain. wasted pain. pain due to money, due to being unable to provide, due to feeling inadequate due to someone eles’ feeling inadequate and so on. when someone is fucked up, ask why? and there is always some sort of answer. ask yourself why, why do you do what you do, why do yo feel that way, what is your reason. its called awareness and in it, is feminism.

feminism ‘s next step is to demand feminist practice. stop it. help a woman transform and save her family.


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