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November 2, 2010

Halloween: vampire sluts and nympho zombies

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Halloween is one fine and fantastic opportunity to bear witness to the alter self, the fantasy self stepped in to and teased out a little bit.  This is one day to dress however you want – imagination, wit, guts, gore, glitter, drama, sexy and anything other than who you are on a daily basis encouraged. How spectacular. Here, we also get  a reflection of what is going on in the world:  this year’s culture personified are definitely going to include Chilean Miners, Old Spice Guys  and a few Antionnes of YouTube fame.  There is also a whole lot of sexy in this holiday and my guess would be because people who otherwise do not indulge have the green light to strut their stuff and shake that ass and I gotta tell you, I’m all for it. This is role playing and boundary stretching at its most benign and culturally approved way..nothing more enticing and whirling to the fun loving observationist on a quest for consciousness evolving that I am.

I was recently in a conversation about costumes and the sexiness of all the women’s costumes and that the patriarchy is to be held responsible for the stripperfication of the Halloween costume. By its very nature patriarchy is an opportunistic beast and what better than a whole day  of women feeling bold to be a little daring and flirt with their bad selves to interject some objectification of the female form.  However, the increased sexiness levels on this day do not have to fall to this repugnant  association between bad feelings and sexiness. Halloween is a reason to have a good time while stepping out for a second.

The patriarchy is responsible for women feeling bad in their sex appeal; it created norms of beauty that are anything but and women spend billions in measurable money and energy to reach those norms. Those of us who like the sexy feeling should revel in that shit and wear the the mini Dorthy costume, the slinky Elvira or the go maybe check out rubber Minimouse. I know I’ll even see a good amount of men in drag (“costumes”), getting in touch with their feminine side. I say, be a sexy anything if that’s your flavor and feel good in it. To do anything less would be patriarchal and thats down right scary.


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