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May 21, 2011

36 approacheth

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the people i surround myself with are so full of life, wishing nothing but the best for eachother, for me. they make me feel alive. they dont care what others think, they all have their shit. they are brilliantly creative and love immensely.

tonight, i begin to celebrate my 36th year. on the drive home, I remembered the critical points where I had the balls to do ridiculous things. where i walked away from something to keep to my integrity, when I took risks because why not and where I may have been scared, it never stopped me. now, at 36 when I have responsibility and another life to develop I see that I have let fear stand in some way.

life is full and fruitful and to live it as anything else is selling it short. I feel so happy.


May 3, 2011

Miguel Migs Colorful You

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Right now, I’m listening to Miguel Migs’ Colorful You album. I was introduced to this album when I met my husband, when I was living with my best friend Elmo.  I was twenty seven years old and new things about my ability to thrive on my own were being revealed as I fell magnificently in love with Joe. Mindiscs, camel cigarettes and the Enders Game series are what warm my chakras from this time.

A year or so later, the album reappeared as a frequent listen as I power walked the South Philly neighborhood I lived in when I moved in with Joe. Cut off shorts and a Tshirt, I’d haul my ass past pizza joints, churches, old men on the stoop and hardware stores. Surrender is the jam from then.   Release your love. Come on, how can you not love that when yer striding  and keepin it fit?

The track Soulvibe reminds me of  that first Winter when I had Danae. I would strut throughout my house to this album, my little one strapped to me in the Bijorn as I lifted my legs and spun and twirled my arms around keeping her madly entertained as I danced my way through the winter with a newborn baby. Our bodies become one. I’ve got to touch your soulvibe. Those are some great lyrics to a groovy little beat. Those times were snow and intense, new love.

So it seems that this album’s number is called in the jukebox that houses my life soundtrack during times of rather significant transformation. I like it so much  that when there is nothing left to do but enjoy the moment I return to it to help me do that. As a matter of fact, that is the reason I  chose to listen to it tonight. The sentence, “write about what you love” has been floating across my open eyes these days so tonight, this album was put on without thinking about it and what resulted was a really fantastic thread of connecting to times of the most brilliant transformation.

Gotta love music. Gotta love deep house sexy loungy groovy funky music.

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