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September 13, 2015

Redheaded Feminist

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tonight, by the light of the moon lets discuss the new site. what it is will be and become


family and feminism for the modern woman

Is a blog about all things feminist and family. cutlural academic and at times personal. my voice will be edgy

reheaded feminist is blog to build a connecting to point of  place where feminism and family intersect, which for me is just about every point. I want expanded definitions of family, creative education, every family dynamic we can think of and lots of feeling good

I have spent the last 20 years studying women. I have a BA in Womens Studies, I have counseled in abortion clinics, wore bullet proof vests to protect womens right to access healthcare. I have marched on Washington and protested in my home town during the 2008  Republican Convention. I  have raised millions of dollars for nonprofits working to make womens lives better. I am a mother. I am a wife, daughter and sister. My feminism is sexy, earthy, creative. Its grounded in self sufficiency.

I work in marketing. I write. I adore the blues. I dream of working directly via this blog to effect womens lives by expanding possiblity through connection. The the feminist parenting model is warrior in defense and proliferation of love and happiness as per the sensibilities of the woman. Viva la madre! Viva las senoras! Via la chica!


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