mama hips


mama hips.

This blog is a discussion on feminism with a pagan, mama, feminist, science fiction lover, yoga practitioner, writer who loves to dance and likes to discuss at length synchronicity, unity, humanity, consciousness, archetypes, mythology, transformation and all related notions. This site serves as an intersection of all those ideas and as a platform to discuss the evolution of feminism.

I identify as woman. Some have ethnicity, neighborhoods, religious or some some singular element to their composition that they identify with. Mine has been my sex.  It was always this way: when I was in the sixth grade and to choose a country and report on its culture, I reported on the position of women in Pakistan I wad 12! Four years later, I bought my first political T-shirt when I was 16: a movie poster entitled the Incredible Shrinking Women’s Right To Choose. Armed with a Women’s Studies degree, my first job out of college was at Planned Parenthood.

I now find myself as a mama of the sweetest baby girl in the universe, she’s a toddler and magnificent every day. I have a partner, the baby’s papa and my husband and what the tarot let me know is my cosmic gift.  I believe that because at times when the whole world has collapsed around me and I was left in the rubble of what was and now what needed to be – that is when I have learned about blind faith – I found mine in the universe and her ability to provide. She provides with humor, power, grace, magnificence and loving arms.

hips shake. hips push. hips squeeze. hips entice. hip saunter. they are curvy and lovely. every woman’s power lies in those lovely, round protrusions that frame the caveat between torso and into legs.

mama hips. the hips of mother gave birth to a child. they are the grandest, most magnificent rolling hills of luscious life. they move with the divine.

i love my hips. They are 40 inches in circumference which makes them something elemental to my frame. They are something I had to embrace, as there was a time when I hid the hips, denied their beckoning nature because I  thought they meant I was big and big was not desirable. There was a time I actually wore my Dad’s jeans under enormous shirts. I liked shoulder pads because I thought they evened out my frame – making my shoulders as huge as my big ol hips. And then, I started to think otherwise and they started a little shimmy that led to full blown shaking and my life has never been the same.

The point here is discuss feminism. Where are we headed? Where are our hips taking us? I tend to think big picture, looking for a thread or trend to understand larger systems at work. Its clear we are at a point of evolution as the human consciousness is starting to revolt against the balance gets more out of whack, people are starting to create their own realities because the dominating one has not done so well.

Feminism is not about the fight anymore. Its about saying fuck you and this is how I will live and operate. Its about taking back power, its about claiming our voice -not to fight but to find others that think like us and together forge a reality has has permanence in our insistence that this how it is. Join us. read. write.  men. women girls and boys. talk. think. evolve.


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